Click here for our printable guide to using a Blade 3 Transmitter with GLO 3 Headphones.  

To power up the GLO 3 headphone, press and hold the tune button until the small status LED beside it illuminates.  Press and hold the button again to power down the headphone.

If the status light is blue, the headphone is in scan mode (press the tune button briefly to scan for the next active channel).  If the status light is green, the headphone is in manual mode (press the tune button briefly to cycle through the five channels one by one).  To switch the GLO 3 between scan mode and manual mode, turn off the headphone, then press and hold the tuner switch for five seconds. The status light will change from green to blue, or vice versa.

You can control the volume of the headphone by sliding the volume button from side to side.

The colors shown on the large side panel of the GLO 3 correspond to five channels the headphone can receive from the Blade 3:  1=Red, 2=Yellow, 3=Green, 4=Purple, and 5=Blue.  The side panel’s illumination can be toggled on and off by holding in the volume button for 3-4 seconds while the headphone is on.  The small status LED is always illuminated as long as the headphone is on.