We always recommend the following tips when setting up your system:

  • Sound Off headphones usually work at peak performance when they're at least 10 feet away from the transmitter. Depending on your environment, the RF waveforms need space to fully form, and there can be some noise when you are too close to the antenna. 
  • Make sure you are within line of sight of the transmitter at all times when wearing the headphones, and no more than 500 feet away.
  • If your transmitter has a "high / low" power switch, set it to "high"
  • Try all three channels on the transmitter and headphones (blue, red, and green LEDs on the headphones corresponds to channels 1, 2, and 3 on the transmitter).  If there is interference on one channel, another may be clear.
  • Never set two transmitters to the same channel.  Their signals will interfere with each other.
  • If your transmitter is wall-powered, trying plugging into a different power outlet to avoid any grounding issues
  • Double-check that all cables are seated (connected) properly. Phone cases can get in the way of the plug, so consider removing the case to get a solid connection.
  • Set your device volume to at least 1 notch below full. Sometimes if the volume on your laptop / phone / playback device is too high, this can cause the headphones to “clip,” or cut out. 
  • If you are using a Bolt transmitter with the mic activated, a feedback loop may be created between the mic and the headphones if they are brought very close together. If you are experiencing this, try turning down the MIC VOL dial on your Bolt transmitter.