Headphones hygiene is one of the most important facets of properly maintaining your Sound Off headphones, however we've recently discovered damage on headphones caused by specific cleaning products. If you notice cracking in the polycarbonate material on the clear cap of your headphone, or cracking along the base posts of your headphone, please immediately discontinue using that disinfectant product. This is being caused by an adverse chemical reaction between the disinfectant and the polycarbonate or plastic material on our headphones. This is not normal wear and tear and is not covered under warranty. Replacement caps are available from Sound Off. 

Below you'll find a list of recommended and non-recommended products.  We will keep this list up to date as we discover more products that you should or should not use. 

Disinfectants Recommended For Use

- Lysol Wipes

- CaviWipes

Disinfectants Not Recommended For Use

Wipes.com Brand Disinfectant Wipes

- Claire Disinfectant Spray Q

- Glybet III Disinfectant